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Turning the Coupe


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Since I was one of the most vocal of the 'bad guys' group on this 90LX Coupe, and there are those out there who just love to bump gums about how 'I won't let it go' (you know who you are), maybe I need to 'prove' that I put my 'money where my mouth is' Huh? With the few other threads going here (those who also 'put their money where their mouth is'), it is past time I do the same. This thread will be my 'un-chop' ans 'fix' some of the nasty this kit body has (note I said SOME). Will it be the 'Perfect LX Coupe'? Nope, as no 'perfect' model exists. Will I attempt to get it a lot closer? YUP.

So, for those who wish, you can tune in. For those who still want to hate me and hold grudges, you can tune in too. Should be fun either way. Since I now have my CASE of them, I can get started. pics will be up tomorrow afternoon (as I am not home at the moment and Photobucket and my phone do not play well).

First Coupe build will be a Calypso Green version with either Gray or Black interior.

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I for one hold no grudge with you for expressing your opinion about the Mustang kit. I have mine, and I agreee that it need some work to make it more accurate. Mine has a few other issues (quality control), which I have contacted Revell for the replacement parts. I may 'raise" the roof on mine, as I have the time, skill and materials to do it.

Thank you for alerting us to the kit's foibles. When I get mine started, I'll take a few pics. I may do it as an unmarked pursuit car.I have a few ideas for such a car.

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About time I get home and am able to show some of what I have done. I have 3 Coupes going right now, with a 4th cut into a Hatch. Work is not the best, nor is the photography.


Took the roof off right above the window moldings (after removing the door window casings, to be glued back in when the major body work is done). Looks a bit rough right now, but it will be OK once all of the work is done to finish it up.



Adding the styrene blocks to the front and rear of the rear wheel well openings. Got a bit carried away and had to re-add/sand material there.

This is the first body. Second body to follow.

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Ok, body #2. Removed the door window casings and the quarter windows. Cut the top, added .060" styrene to the legs, and glued the roof back on.









I will be adding the needed .080" styrene to the quarter windows and door window casings and gluing them back in after the rest of the major body work is done. Even though my measurements say the roof length was dead-nuts on, I went ahead and shortened the roof skin just enough to get everything to line back up. I also took .080" styrene and glued/shaped it to the rear lip of the rear wheel well opening and used .404" at its front edge. The rear bumper has also been shortened about .020"-030".

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Cut the brake booster off and will be filling the hole. A 99 Cobra model will be giving up its Hydroboost brakes, drivetrain, and IRS/exhaust for this Coupe.


With minimal angle change (not done here yet) the 99 Cobra exhaust fits nicely to the Coupe. There is a 99 Cobra IRS cradle sitting up there as well, behind the Corvette ZR1 wheels. The wheels will get a lip job and will be used on this build too.

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You guys are hardcore! Look forward to your builds and to see how you lower it. I picked up one of these kits. No skills nor desire to "fix" it. Just a cool lowered coupe. Thinking old school Wimbledon White with BBS style wheels. Although, after seeing a bright red coupe with chrome ponys come through the neighborhood yesterday, that color may change.

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