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My garage (diorama in progress)


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Started on my garage the other night. Trying to get it as close as I can to my really garage. I'll continue posting updates as I work on it. Garage is a metal sided pole barn, with a metal roof, and insulted plywood walls on the inside. Has a 12' x 12' main door, a 10' x 10' side door and a metal walk-in door.

Any advise or help is more then welcomed.




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Just above is a garage I did as a "Support " structure for a larger diorama I'm just now completing . It was made with 1/4 inch Foam core with the exception of the roof . That was made from some 1/8th inch Masonite . The ribs are Evergreen .080 X .080 strips . This was then covered with Testors One Coat AMC Silver lacquer . Then, a simple "Black Wash made from some Brown and Black acrylic was added . The sides got covered with wood Shiplap siding and another wash applied .

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That's the size of your real garage.....? Man, am I jealous!

Looks like your structure is coming together well, using tried and tested techniques (Foamcore, etc.). Follow Ed's advice and you can't go wrong. And there are so many examples on this forum to follow.


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