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1966 Volkswagen Beetle

sensei kamikaze

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oh my!!! I have an error on the topic name, I have 1066 and should be 1966, and I can't edit the title... if some moderator can change it please do it


corrected the year, tanks to foxer

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it looks great! i made one without paint too but rather not that well refined...

i like how you made the engine bay, but... how did you close the hood ( i dont know how to call it since this bug has the engine in the rear) , so perfectly? i didnt solve the problem of closing the gap in the rear


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Really nice colour Jesus - like it!

Old beetles are always cool :D

If its allowed,...the wire from the ignition coil to the distributor you have not installed quite correctly. I think, the wire in the middle should go to the ignition coil. the coil is mounted on the "fan box" - this little, black thing with the silver ring, left from the aircleaner ;)

Whats about the black stripe on the passengers sidetrim? it does not look nice to the paintjob :huh:

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@ Jeff: if you use the hinge, it is a fumbling to open and close the hood. Also to fit it "perfect" in closed position. Jesus did not mounted the hinge, so it is only layed off.

oh I see, thank you... It definitely would hold my hood ( trunk, anyway ) from sliding down! That's quite a good advice to work on!

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Thanks for your comments guys I appreciate them a lot.

@dominik the black stripe responds to a paint issue, when I was apliying bare metal foil the paint chips, with the bare metal glue!!! and I haven’t enough paint to start over because around here alclad is an import and hard to get, last time took me 5 months to get the paint so I decide to apply some decal.

By the way the body paint is Alclad candy orange


@Zarana-X 70’s indeed they are from the AMT AMc 1976 grenmlin

Here more pictures!!

the engine before final assembly



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