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May I suggest . Go to <rocketfin.com> , at the bottom of the page click "Model Car Links" . All resin and aftermarket suppliers are listed . All apphabetcal . I have his GTX Body , Removed the 'GTX' emblens , add a RR Grille and decals = Road Runner . Bucket seats are an Option on the '70 RR . I am looking for the Stock Interior for a 1/25 Scale Road Runner , GTX or Superbird . I have the dashboard . Thanx ..

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John, nobody makes a standard interior for the 70 JoHan Roadrunner. Models By Hart, Vaughn Hart, sells a 69 bench seat interior for BOTH the JoHan 69 Roadrunner, AND AMT/ERTL Roadrunner. If you can get ANOTHER rear seat from a JoHan Roadrunner(I lucked out and found a few of them at the local toy show.)then you can make a front bench seat. I've done it twice now. It's not hard at all.REMEMBER the color of the Accent stripe on the front seat UNLESS it was a BLACK interior, had a contrasting color. I did mine in silver grey, as it was on the cars I modeled.

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Kenny is most likely very busy getting wraps and decals ready for local racers and the start of racing season. Bandit Resins is a side business for him and sometimes the demands of it are more than he wants. I spoke with him at a show awhile back and between the graphics business and resin casting, it doesn't leave a lot of time for model building and enjoyment of the hobby.

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