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Freddy Flame Out

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The popular Weird-Ohs® model kits - the classic 1960s multi-million selling phenomenon...

Bill Campbell is another one of my favorite artists, he is behind the Hawk model companies 1960's Weird-Ohs series.

He also did the box art for many WW2 planes, trains and cars witch proved him to be an all around great artist.

The Weird-ohs series later spawned the Frantics, the Silly Surfers and an off-shoot line of plastic toys, Halloween masks and board games.

The Hawk company has recently re-released the Weird-ohs, Frantics and Silly Surfers kits with the original box art.

"Freddy Flame- Out"

The engine coughet and stopped;
the overcast could not be topped
A mountain suddenly arose,
into it went Freddy`s nose

The `copters went a`searchin`
for our friendly little urchin
But alas it was no use
Poor Freddy had cooked his goose

The fire lit the rocky scene-
the sudden stop was awfully mean
Fred had forgot to check his tanks
Now he`s joined the angel`s ranks.

The jet was first sprayed with silver, then from the bottom, with a light blue (all spray can).

The balloons are finely sanded Styrofoam balls, attached to pieces of a guitar string.

The base is an old picture frame filled with plaster.

The rest was painted first with mat black (spray can) and then by hand with Acrylic mat paints (FIN by WACO, great experience).

These colors can be diluted with water or abrasion-proof.

For the eyes, mouth, teeth, all shiny areas, I cover it with Enamel Paint No.1 by Revell.

Well, this is my version, hope you like it.








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so cool

make a pic with all the builds together must be a cool picture :)

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these things are cool!

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I love to see the photos but sadly for me, I can't see them. Can you maybe host them somewhere else?

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