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resin rear for big Jag

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LOL. I didn't notice the "local pick-up only".

I've seen a few conversions done. In fact, about 10 years ago I bought a built version of the XKE with the roadster conversion already done from a chap in UK I think. If I squinted and turned down the lights I could barely see all the waves and imperfections. I didn't feel like trying to resand and repair it so I sold it (with detailed pics and explanation) to someone with the time to rework it.

But the conversion is not that simple, really. The true roadster has a different windshield frame and some different trim. So, thinking more about it, it's tempting, but I'd rather use the resources on present projects I guess.

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Hi Guy's, I’d like to show you how I made the rear section of my Jag. The car I’m building is actually the “lightweight”, so it has a (fixed) hardtop but the rear body is the same. Ok pic 1 is fairly obvious but you’ll notice that I kept the side and front window frames intact for later (invaluable) use, I started the rear section of the interior as it is part then of the rear deck. Now in pic 3 you can see the piece of the roof that will now be the rear deck, and all I did was turn it 180 and found that the contours, (left to right, and front to back) are BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near perfect, you just have to be careful when positioning it and be mindful of the height, front and back. The holes in the deck lid are for, (lightweight) fuel filler and air vent shroud which are not on the OTS cars. When I did this model I pretty much just went um cut here and see what happens which is why I cut the boot lid out much later, but it didn’t matter in the end as I think it all worked out rather well. (Only my opinion).

Kind regards Michael.24349d1375628739t-jaguar-e-type-1-8-road24350d1375629021t-jaguar-e-type-1-8-road24351d1375631228t-jaguar-e-type-1-8-road24352d1375631238t-jaguar-e-type-1-8-road24353d1375631248t-jaguar-e-type-1-8-road

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