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Mercury Capri SVT (A Mustang of a different sort)


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  • 2 weeks later...

I like the factory 5 stars better. I think they fill the wheel wells better.

You've done some really cool mods here. I always thought the Capris had great looking fender flares. I always thought they'd look cool on a Mustang but this is the first time I've seen it done, right. There are a couple early fox Mustang kits made by Revell that have the Capri fender flares molded in but they also have the regular Mustang flares also.

I think yours look good, you nailed it.

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Thanks everyone. I am kind of leaning toward the 93 Cobra wheels, as they took the longest to modify.

I added a center "Cat" to make them reminiscent of the old ten hole Capri wheels.

However I think I like the later Cobra wheels better.

Anyway, here are some better pictures...




Both take the same tire, the stock one, so the stance will be the same for either wheel. It's only taped together in these pictures, and it kept falling apart so it is not sitting quite right, but the suspension has been adjusted, to make it sit a little lower.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm suddenly having problems posting pics to the forum. But here is a quick up date of where I am at on this one. I have redesigned the upper end of the engine. and got most of it to fit. Now I just need to detail it and get it all painted and put together.


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  • 9 months later...

I haven't been working on models lately, but the time has come to get started again.

So I am pulling this one out, blowing the dust off and I am going to try to get it finished.

I need to figure out the cooling issue as the blower pulleys interfere with the radiator cooling fan set up I was going to use.

The engine is a tight fit now especially with the custom blower etc. (I should have made the hood taller too perhaps.)

Then I'll need to figure out the ignition system and then it's just details and assembly...sounds easy right!? (LOL!)

Anyway as you can see there is only 2-3mm between the radiator and supercharger pulleys.



Anyway if there is a detail or idea you have, or that you would like added please feel free to suggest it. If I don't include it in this one I'll try to include it in the next one...


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mount electric fan. Mount it on the outside of the rad then you don't need an engine driven fan. For inhibition you have 2 options. Make an angled distributor shaft to clear the blower snout OR make a coil pack for each bank like the 96-98 cobras and gt's had and boom. Problems solved

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