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What Irked You Today?


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Well for me today it was being gone for a few hours to get my Diabetes blood work testing done and coming home to find someone has been in my house!!!...wish they were still here.

A friend of mine had his house broke into last Friday, and his car this Wednesday, (it was not at his house). Break ins are really bad this year.

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That is true Craig...too many people without and too many too lazy to earn their way instead of stealing it....might be awhile till we figure out if anything has been messed with or gone...never called the local police there scared of their own shadow here un-less you haven't done anything wrong or there is money to be made from it for them...shame and they wonder why people start to handle things themselves? Hey just in time for Christmas too...Merry Christmas.

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yep it sure does...they found the model collection room too...its depressing to say the least...no idea of what if anything else was messed with or gone yet.

What scum.

If the police didn't say so already, toss your toothbrushes and any open food containers, and rewash your dishes.

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