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49 Custom Mercury: Teaser pic


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Starting with the AMT 2Door Custom kit, It will get a pie section first, then the roof. I used a razor saw to scribe the cut then the back side of a #11 blade, scoring little by little until the cut went through. I'll save the pie to use as filler on the roof chop. I then welded the body back together with liquid cement. After this is set I'll chop that top....





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So when you chopped it, you didn't move the B-pillar back, you left it in place. So what will you do to make the A-pillars line up?

All in due time, Grasshopper, all in due time.

Thanks for the interest also....

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Thanks guys, here it is before shaping, grinding and sanding. My plan to bend the "B" pillars was a good idea, the execution could have been better, but it will sand out fine. I also reinforced the inside of each joint with micro brass screen and CA glue. More mods to follow....



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Just a thought...I wonder if a tad more rake on the B-pillar, and maybe a little subtle curve on it might echo the line of the front of the skirt...

What you've got going looks great anyway, just as it is.

Thanks Bill, I think I'll try a few paper patterns and see what looks good.

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