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White Freightliner - Dad's Truck Replica

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My dear friend you have done good work, but I'll give you a Commission.Change the air hoses is too much big its n, has no meaning.An air hose has 5/8 d scale 1/25 = 0.025 m takes alamdar electronique.tu wire will see the result will be better.
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THanks Mackd. Yes I know that the scale is off on the air hoses. Close enough for me. I use whatever I can to make the build cheaper. So I used a light beige color for the engine which is wrong, wires I found from an RC module for the air hoses and the rear window was taken from a disposable clear plastic knife. Thanks for the advice though!

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Nice job. I too am quite a novice (compared to some of the true works of art these guys come up with), build on an extremely tight budget and dont have much in terms of tools. But that is ok.

The guys on this forum have been very very helpful and encouraging.

What KW are you looking at?

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Riverart, Fine looking build, I especially like your rear window (clear plastic knife....clever). I also like how you attached the air lines to the pogo and the way they hang, they look natural (gotta try to get mine to look that way).

I hope you'll have a go at the K100 in the background.


(@Derick... very nicely stated)

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