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Photoetched seat belts problems (Solved)

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I bought a piece of photo-etched seat belts from Hobby Design, I was scared to start with these for months because I never used them before :blink:

This afternoon I started and to my surprise nothing fits..... the belts are to wide to fit the clips and the clips are in two pieces and these also don't fit into each other because the holes are to tiny.

My smallest drill is 0.5mm but that still way to big...


I tried sanding the belts but its very difficult to hold them while busy.
Suggestions, ideas and tips are very welcome because I still would like to use them ;)
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I have replaced the fabric belts with masking tape that you can cut the width to your needs. First take the tape and spray the sticky side with Testors Dullcote. That will neutralize the glue, then you just have nice material to work with. Then paint both sides the color you require. Tape the tape down and use a straight edge to cut it to the width you need. It's thinner than the material so it should fit through your photo etch fittings.

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Do not despair. The belts and buckles and other pieces do fit together. These are my favorite pe belts because that material, after it is painted, looks more realistic than anything else I've ever seen. Much patience is required and you need the right tools, too. Self-closing tweezers are a big help. This Xuron tool is also very useful: Xuron9180et.jpg

I use the Xuron cutter to trim a small triangle off of the end of the belt that is going into the harness buckle so it goes in easily and folds under itself and can be seen after you've installed the parts.

I'll try to find pictures of models I've used these on if I can.

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Thanks for the replies all.

Chillyb1, I really would like to use them. They look very realistic (even without paint) compared to the others I have.

Thats a great tip to only work on the ends that are going into the clips, thanks!!

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