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70' Mustang Project "WYM TYME" Boss 302


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Hi guys,

It's been a while since I posted anything but I just finished my 1970 Mustang for my good friend B. Wymer. This is the first project I've done for someone other than myself and I got a great deal of satisfcation while building it, and then giving it to him finished. I painted Tamiya Green, and decided not to clear coat it, modified the decals along the hood to make it look a little cleaner with that hood scoop for the race engine. A little bit of wiring and some under hood and chassis weathering and I really like the way it came out. The gloss paint is something I'm not used to, as I usually use mica or metallic. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you guys think??







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Looks very good, but I think the rear panel and taillight surrounds should be flat black.

I left off the decal for the trunk lid because I preferred the color contrast of the wing on the body, and the back panel is black, or at least has the decal on it. It's hard to see in that angle. The tail light surround are chrome. I didn't think it looked right either but that's stock. I thought about dark washing the indentation lines but I thought it might make the chrome look too weathered.

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Is anyone else seeing upside down pictures?

awesome build underhood is real awesome care to share your technique for the woodwork on the interior? I still struggle with this issue on kits with "woodgrain"

I used decals on the woodgrain bits but the steering wheel, this is what I did.

I painted the steering wheel brown, took a small round detail brush "pick" (those green ones) and dry brushed flat black streaks on it, then I took black ink, and went over the whole steering wheel to stain it. I wish I would have hit it with globes of clear coat to give it the polished wood look. Maybe in another project. Woodgrain is something I've always wanted to perfect.

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