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Custom 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe now with side view included

Peter Lombardo

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Guys, thanks so much, I really appreciate the very kind words about this build......I didn't expect it, so it really makes me glad I got this posted.......a few asked to see a side view, so here is a side view and a bottom view, since the chassis follows the same color combination as the car.

Side view


and underside view


Again, thanks for looking.

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Harry P. wrote "huh ??? - explain, please"

re: the clear plastic hood on '49/'50 Oldsmobiles - they were offered to Olds dealers (from GM) to showcase Olds' new ohv V8 engine.

In 1949 - the first model year that the new Olds V8 was offered - the hood was mostly clear Plexiglass, and was a lift-off only type of hood that was intended to be only used on new Olds V8-equipped models in Oldsmobile dealers' showrooms as a promotional display. . . There's an original for sale on eBay as of today - it's offered @ $750 (ref: eBay item # 360287360995. Sorry - for some reason, I'm unable to post a direct link to that eBay auction -??) The one on eBay is supposed to fit on the Olds 98 series; and I'm not sure if it would also fit on the smaller 88 body series, or if there was a similar hood for '88s, too.

In 1950, Olds dealers could display a new Olds w/ a metal hood that had two smaller Plexiglass 'window' panels that were on each side of the hood's centerline, as opposed to the type used on '49 models. The '50 model year hoods were hinged & latched like their all-steel counterparts. Some sources state that the general publc were able to purchase these hoods as an accessory from the Olds parts department.

And, similar 2 window type hoods may have been available thru '53 on Oldsmobiles.

And, for even more trivia -

'33 Desoto had a promotional display of a car w/ a clear plastic hood to showcase it's engine - but, only for export markets.

'40 Pontiac - actually was a re-bodied '39 that was displayed @ the NY World's Fair in 1939. It had clear plastic (Plexiglass ?) body panels; not just a clear hood.

'53 Dodge had a hood w/ a clear Plexiglass insert - most likely the 2 window type as on the '50-'53 Olds hoods - it was a dealer promo item to showcase Dodge's mini-hemi Red Ram V8.

'54 Ford had a promotional display type hood w/ a relatively large clear Plexiglass insert set in a steel hood. 1954 was the first model year for Ford's new ohv V8 (Y block) that replaced the venerable flathead V8.

'60 Chevy Corvair - GM supplied Chevy dealers w/ an almost completely clear Plexiglass engine cover - complete w/ louvers - that was a showroom only, lift-off type of engine cover over it's aluminum air-cooled flat 6.

all of the above info is courtesy of the H.A.M.B. forum.

Ok... so the clear hoods were for display only. You never could buy an Olds with a clear hood.

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Ok... so the clear hoods were for display only. You never could buy an Olds with a clear hood.

Can't speak for the other cars on the "clear hood" list, but I've known of several pre-1965 Corvairs that were so equipped. One of my friends in the local Corvair Club had one that he added to his '62 Monza Spyder. The clear unit had all the necessary hardware to attach and latch it just like the metal unit, and you could drive the car just fine with it in place. Made for quite a conversation piece at shows, especially with the Monza Spyder's turbocharged engine to view.

Peter - didn't mean to hijack your thread. Great looking Olds model!!!

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