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White Freightliner from "Hands of Steel"

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Wow! How in the world did you do/make that ultra fine black stripe between the various stripe colors?

Cab mounted exhaust? Never seen such a thing on a Freightliner. That must have been a challenge. Really neat the way you handled that and put in the discoloration and inevitable leaks. Like the air cleaner piping too.

Very very nice.

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Nice work! The windshield 'glass' looks so much better in the right position rather than the recessed look of the kit glass tub.

The photoetch grille and air intake make for a much better, more realistic look.

I like the step stirrups in place of the pockets and ladders.

For Jesse - White-Freightliner offered dozens of exhaust configurations. Single, dual, rack mounted like the kit, wide-spread rack mount, back of cab single/dual, recessed single (like Denis' great build shows here) or dual or under the frame. Air cleaners could be under cab, back of cab, back of cab recessed, rack mounted, rack mounted center, dual rack mounted center. Pretty much anything was possible.


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Well done Denis! I like the way I build it.

Photoetched grill liven the model up. That's why I made etched grill for my Cruiseliner.

I'm looking forward for your "Convoy" Peterbilt 352!

Good luck!

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