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For sale Plymouth Duster 50 Bucks !

Pat Minarick

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Great build Pat. You've done an awesome job weathering your Duster, to the point that it's down right ugly! (I mean that as a compliment, seriously!)

The little details like the bumper bolt rust, the open quarter windows and worn down tape stripes are terrific. The way you've fit the Duster body over the Viper chassis is outstanding. Did you use the Duster interior?

And what a gentleman the way you answer and thank everyone.

Thank-you for sharing your build.


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Now that is fantastic. My Mom's forst new car was a 1971 Duster, (F7) Sherwood Green, with a 225, automatic, and not much else.


It was something like this one. I am going to so a model of her car, one of these days. Your build may be the one that will take me over the edge.

that's identical to my EX's 1st car... her's had a 318 tho'.....really,really lit up those skinny C78-14's...lol

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After seeing the undersides, I'm sure I've seen the start of this build elsewhere.

Great model, and liking the replaced front wings/door too.

I once owned a red 340 Duster many moons ago - wish I still had it now !

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