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My '68 Ford Mustang Tasca Cobra Jet


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I've recently gotten back into the hobby after a little over a decade. I built model cars with my dad in my pre-teens and we both messed up a lot of kits. Nothing ever turned out nice IMO. I got into real cars when I bought my 91 Mustang 5.0 when I was 14 and the model cars were shelved. Recently my good friend Brandon and I (BrandoLSX) on the forum started talking about model cars. I told him I still had 40 or so unbuilt kits in my closet and the next day I started building again.

I was at Hobby Lobby getting some supplies and this kit was on clearance for like $8 or something cheap. The box art turned me off even being a Mustang nut but I saw on the side it could be built as this drag car. I had to have it.

I've done a lot of research on what people are doing to achieve great looking models on the forum and utilized some techniques with mine so far. I'm pretty pleased with how this car turned out. This was my first time using BMF, boy what a PITA but in a couple days it was done taking many breaks in between. But it's totally worth it in the end to make the trim look great.

Paint was just Testors enamel gloss white and clear. I used Future on the windows and lenses. I scuffed the rear slicks for that "used" look. The directions say to paint basically everything black in the interior but I wasn't doing that. I painted what would be the chrome trim a real 68 Mustang would have bright silver on the door panels and dash for more detail. Hurst shifter, wood steering wheel etc.

Enough babbling, here's some pics Brandon got for me. I used my 03 Cobra's roof as a platform.

The kit











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