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Jeremy Jon

Shelby Mustang GT500 build - detailed

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Been off due to hand injury & surgeries (tendon & bone, yes ouch!) as result ....just easing back into model work again, and primary is to finish this (commissioned) build of a 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500

It is white with blue stripes (decals), dark grey interior, and will be modified with opening drivers door, hinged engine hood, extensive detailing of interior, engine & engine bay

I picked up both the Revell (of North America) kit (#85-2097) and the Revell of Germany kit (#07243), primarily to see what differences - if any - existed, but also as backup of duplicate parts and decals should need be

The only difference between them, turns out to be only the decal sheets!


Detailing parts & photo-etched sets gathered for build

Some issues with the KA photo-etch parts, poorly designed for usage, explanations with photos


Revell of Germany decal set


Basic body, with drivers door cut out


Interior drivers door panel cut out, and window perimeter seal separated from door skin


Exterior door handles being cut out, for more realistic handles to be installed post-painting


Templates made to create realistic door frame structure


Door frame structure constructed to match outline shape and position of interior door panel


Fitment check of alignment between door frame structure and interior door panel


Thin styrene edge added to perimeter to close up gap left by saw blade thickness
More detailing added to door frame structure, shaped and lock striker


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For realism, perimeter of door skin sanded to thin edge, and front fender inside edge also


Test fitment of door into body opening, door will be hinged, but for display fixed in open position (so small variations in opening is acceptable)


Door primed and ready for fine filler and sanding preparation for final paint stage


Door frame structure hinges added, and interior door panel receives photo-etch speaker grills, and made flush
Interior door pull + lock handles scribed open for realism, all panel lines scribed for detail
Mirror control portion of interior door panel separated for detail added


Interior door panel primed, and rubber seal fashioned for door frame structure


I was not happy with the photo-etch door speaker grills as provided, they lacked depth of definition for realism, so disks removed from plastic, perimeter of photo-etch disk trimmed for center portion only, and new plastic disks made for correct depth of assembly


Upper speaker grills scribed out of plastic interior door panel, so result as flush fitment
Lower speaker grills constructed final, with blocks (6) added surrounding central grill standing proud, for proper realism


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Nose bumper cover, with plastic grill mesh portions cut out, ready for new photo-etch grill mesh parts


Lower air dam lip extensions scribed to match realism of car


Extensions added to create realism of air dam lips standing proud from fender well inner edge


Side exterior lower sill plates scribed for realism, with front edges cut in scribe line for stand proud from fender well inner edge


Scribing of panel lines around headlights, and all nose bumper cover lines, for detail and further painting differentiation of colour



Nose bumper cover primed, and ready for further detailing


Nose bumper cover lower driving lamp openings detailing, using thin wire to build lip surrounding openings, for realism of actual car


Once wire added around opening, then glued and sanded finely to make flat front edge, for realism of actual car



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Nose bumper cover, with plastic grill and radiator upper cover from kit


Nose bumper cover, with plastic grill removed, and hood latch opening removed from radiator upper cover


Difference in shape of plastic radiator upper cover, and grill shape, photo-etch grill shaped correctly to more "V" shape forward


New styrene edge constructed & added to trimmed upper radiator cover, matching shape of grill

Fill of gap between new styrene edge and existing piece, photo-etch grill bonded to upper radiator cover, and added styrene strips added to bottom inside edge for realism
Holes drilled in upper radiator cove for new hood bumper mounts on body cross-bar, for realism
Completed upper radiator cover with photo-edge grill, painted for final install after body painted

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Sorry to hear about your hand Jeremy, but l have been missing your WIP l had been watching. Glad your back to the bench. Killer build you have going Friend looking forward to more...

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I was wondering the same thing, where did he go?

Great to have you back Jeremy! This is looking just awesome so far!!

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Thank you Ben, Michael, Ray, Joseph, Carl, James, Jose, Mike, Ken & Ryan!

It's been a little while I'm afraid :unsure: but healing & have about 1/2 usage/strength, enough to resume some work :)Stitches are long gone & skin's healed since this photo taken, trouble was they had to open and do more surgery twice, so healing process has been dragging out


Edited by Jeremy Jon

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Beautiful work!

Heal quickly my friend, we want to see what you can do when you are up to full speed.


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very nice build! I have one to build too probly not going into that debth but will have fun! sorry those pace car decals didn't work out I wish they had cause I sure could have used some copy's!!

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Excellent start Jeremy, looking forward to more, I hate to hear about your hand, but I feel your pain, cause I have been there and done that and have the tee shirt , not a hand but the old back, a ruptured disc, bone spurs and 3 buldges, 12 weeks @ twice a week of rehab and a change in careers, so I know where you coming from, glad to see ya back, so take care of the hand, and get well soon!! ;)

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Know where you're coming from both with the thumb, while working on a boat in my younger days as a body shop owner I was using a 15 lb. slide hammer & talking to another person not paying attention to the placement of my upper hand, when I pulled the weight up to hit the stop imagine my surprise so find out my thumb was in between the two, popped my thumb on both side like a ripe plum! For the back just recovering from a disc removal, installation of a titanium cage (2) & two titanium rods to hold the vertebrae apart while the bone grows enough to fill in the space, still have another 8 months in the brace before rehab starts.

Hope you get back on the project, it's really looking good & I could use some of your work as an instructional.

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