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1955 Chevy 2 door sedan gasser photo etched parts

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I love gassers have been working on a rendition of the Blairs Speed shop 55 Chevy.

I am using Amt 2 door post kit. Currently I have run into two issues and would love advice.

1. I would like to use a photo etched grill. Unfortunately the only PE grill is for the Revell hard top.

Does anyone have photo etching capabilities? Or have modified the hardtop PE grill to fit the smaller

AMT kit?

2. No self respecting gasser would have windshield wipers. I have removed them carefully and tried to

Recreate the cowl grill but am only marginally happy with that. Has anyone removed the wipers and

replaced the cowl grill photo etch? Or been successful at reestablishing a grill sans wiper arms?

Thanks on advance for all replies

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I used the MCG photo etch kit for Revell's 55 Chevy kits on my AMT 55 Chevy build, the Revell kits are 1:25th scale so it fits quite good.

I cut out the kit grille from the surrounding, painted that with Alclad II Chrome and put in the photo etched grille in from behind, you have to modify it and cut off the upper corners as it's slightly too big there, but it works fine.
For a more correct look you should cut the upper bar loose at the fender edges and attach it to the hood, but I didn't do that on this build.


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