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Hey guys here is my first post on the site ive been watching and learning so much new stuff, i have been building since 6 years old but once i got a real car at 16 the models slowed down ... well ive built several real cars ( 5.0 mustang, ranchero, miata, etc) and its time to get back into the models. :rolleyes:

With 3 jobs its hard to find time but luckly the real estate business slows down a bit during the winter and no body wants to work on a real car when its cold so models it is, i am currently working on the 69 Yenko from 2 fast 2 furious and will be posting it under work in progress, i have picked up as many of the f&f series cars that i can find and here are a few that are already done.

The Charger I built about 8 years ago so dont judge me lol j/k ill take any advice i canpost-11247-0-00128500-1384873817_thumb.jpost-11247-0-87960200-1384873817_thumb.jpost-11247-0-97853000-1384873818_thumb.jpost-11247-0-74650300-1384873819_thumb.jpost-11247-0-86703600-1384873820_thumb.jpost-11247-0-93548100-1384873823_thumb.jpost-11247-0-15160900-1384873825_thumb.jpost-11247-0-12682300-1384873826_thumb.j

The Supra I had started it 8 years ago right after the charger but boxed it up and opened it back up last winter


The mustang this one I started after the supra last year but got distracted by the ford turbo 2.3 1980's kit that i found on e bay so that was the project that ended last winter, 2 weeks ago i got back on the mustang and finished it a couple days ago.


Thats it so far the yenko is in progress and after that comes the eclipse, monte carlo, lightning, and any others that i havent picked up yet.

Thanks for looking at my post.


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Thanks guys, yes its ironic how i started this build series at the time i did, next up will be the green eclipse, that one will be part of the cominyty build tribute to paul walker.

Here is the final pics of the camaro as well some of a low rider riviera i built a long time ago that finally got some proper low rider wheels/tires


More pics


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