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Scratch Built 1951 Büssing 12000 U13 6x4 Underfloor Engine Truck

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Jürgen - absolutely fantastic! This has to be the ultimate scratch-built truck model - it cannot be better thas this!

As written before, I could never spend about 1000 hours on a single model, but it was defenitely worth it and it shows.

Also the colors are spot-on and period-correct; but what else is to be expected from you?

Moreover: TOP photography!

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Thanks for all further comments!

BTW if you wonder what these two dots on top of the letter ü in the name Büssing are good for here is a simple (notn-scientific) explanation:

Germanic languages as well as Finish, Hungarian and even Turkish have modified vowels mostly written as Ä/ä, Ö/ö and Ü/ü. They modify the pronounciation of the respective standard vowels.

  • In German the standard vowel U/u is always pronounced like the vowel U/u in the English words bush (short) or rude (long).

  • In German the modified vowel Ü/ü is always pronounced like the vowel U/u in the French words russe (short) or tu (long).

Even if this is more than you ever wanted to know – now you could pronounce Büssing (and my first name Jürgen) correctly.

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