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Haha that pete cabs pretty heavy i have to get some new rear axles for the kw so i think i'll get a snap w900 for that and maybe put the pete on that frame using the stock cat that comes in the kit anf paint it white and a mettalic purple or pink and name it the love machine and use up all that sleeper space with a king size bed or something custom 70's van style

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The AMT KW K-123 has a Hendrickson Walking Beam suspension, same as the AMT KW W-925 (wich in fact is a 923, a 925 had torsion bar suspension and the AMT W-925 kit had that in the beginning but was later changed to a Walking Beam).
​Otherwise the scale is the same but the cab for the K-123 is a bit shorter than the K-100 Aerodyne cabs, most of the K-100 Aerodyne cabs were built on the V.I.T. cab and are equivalent to 108 inches on a real truck and the K-123 cab is equivalent to 86 inches...so the AMT K-123 cab is 22 scale inches shorter than the AMT and Revell K-100 Aerodyne...and that'll be around 22 millimeters in 1:25 scale (about 7/8").

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