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Peterbilt 359 "Gold Big Pete"

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Hello All,

First time poster, long time modeler. I saw the Peterbilt 359 Kit at Hobby Lobby last week and picked it up with the idea to build it like my uncle's (Pics Below). I usually stick to street cars and NASCAR. Never have built a big truck before. Two questions:

1) Any idea what colors the truck and stripes are? He said the truck was a metallic gold. (Found a Krylon Metallic Gold that looks close)

2) How on earth can I get those stripes correct with the silver/white (not sure what color) outlines?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Here are links to the 1:1 truck I am trying to emulate.


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Well to answer you partly, Modeltruckin.com, has a similar decal model (except for the hood spears and pinstripes) to reproduce the stripes on that very nice gold Pete. But else than the red (pale brown?)colored stripe, you might be out of luck for the brown or burgundy colored one. Maybe if you asked Jerry nicely, he might be able to do something custom for you. That is one nice subject and the Revell of Germany 359 would definitely be the best one to do just that.

Have a look at this here:


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Thank you. That stripe kit on the blue one looks dead on other than the colors.

I'm painting and old spoiler the Metallic Gold to see what it ends up looking like to make sure it's going to be close.

I googled the Revell Germany 359...wow....it's almost a perfect copy.

The new Revell 359 Conventional looked close but, the Germany one looks so much closer.

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Painting update.

The paint is the Krylon Metallic Gold with the shiny gold lid. It looks pretty close to the pics. Maybe a little to bright, but the references pictures are 20+ years old. Also in the second pic on the fender near the bottom I have what looks like a paint build up. How can I get rid of that?



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