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new Project: BMW 2002


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Fitting to my other oldies, I want you
present my new project, which I will tackle about Christmas:

BMW 2002 Touring Car Championship

I'll probably make the Niki Lauda version - let's see ..



It will be a 1/24 RC-Car built on a MiniZ Chassis. - hope you like it - stay tuned

upload pics - sorry the link didn't work:



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I must see this! Pics, please (I don't see any) :D

I've been hoping for a styrene BMW 2002 in 1/24 or 1/25 scale for many a year now...

But, according to Wikipedia, these MiniZ cars are more like 1/27 scale... And not quite sure I understood, but are you making a RC out of it, or will you be building a static display model with full interior and/or engine detail, based off the RC car?

Like I said before, some pics would be great ;)

Thanks in advance, I'm very curious about this car...

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The MiniZ have a scale of 1/27, but the chassis can easliy be used for bodies in 1/24.

The cars will be driven on my MiniZ racetrack and are no static models. They got no

inside details like cockpit and motor. I just use the body, modify the chassis wheelbase

to fit the body on it, which is quite often a challange.

My intention for those projects is that i will get detailed racecars. I have many 1/10

RC/cars, but those lexan bodies aren't very detailed. The original MiniZ bodies are great,

but those cars i love aren't available on the market. So i have to build my own.

pics added in the first post.... - sorry the link didn't work...

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Great project!

Bandai did a 2002 turbo in 1/20 scale, a good kit except for the too skinny wheels and tyres - but the standard 1:1 suffered those too! I never finished mine as I modded the body to include the flared arches on my Alpina 1:1 and in the process of sanding the filler, snapped the roof pillars - and I could never found a set of wheels and tyres to do it justice so it stayed in the box! That was a long time ago but the kits are still around, if you google 'Bandai 2002 turbo'



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My description image is of an xmod hummer, the mini z's cheaper cousin. Michael, have you ever considered of putting an old truck body on a mini z overland or xmod truck?

Anyway, I can't wait to see the finished product.


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I can proudly present the miniZ version of Niki Lauda's BMW 2002 ti driven 1970 on the Nürburgring.
It's a MiniZ MR015 2.4 Ghz with a 1/24 resine body.
The car fits perfectly to my 1/24 rc-car collection of classic touring cars.
Hope you like it ;)


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