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the ultimate kit bashing thread....


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I was just reading the kit review about the 69 chevelle rag top that is hitting the shelves and everyone knows that the old kit detail leaves something to be desired. someone had mentioned that the 69 cutlass chassis should be an easy drop in...... really? I never would have come up with that one. I would have gone to the 67 chevelle first..... then I thought just how many kit bashing scenarios have I missed or wasted time butchering pieces, only to find out that a piece out of another kit would have worked wonders.

so, this may fly, it may not, but what I was thinking for this thread was if you have ever kit bashed pieces out of 1 kit to another, no matter what it is, could you list it here for an easy reference. not matter what kits, how old or how little it may seem, someone will use your idea.

here is an easy one to start off with, I don't think the 68 charger has ever had the proper hemi round air cleaner in any of its issues, steal the one out of a 67 coronet, GTX or 66/7 charger kit.

if you have any others, lets here them...

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Oh boy! :D

As mentioned, the MPC/AMT 69 Olds 442 chassis is a good donor for the AMT 69 Chevelle. Also good for MPC 70-72 Pontiac GTOs. Another source is the AMT 70 Monte Carlo, with some tweaking (different wheelbase, IIRC).

The AMT 60 Ford Starliner is a good donor for just about everything to build a high-detail AMT 61 Galaxie.

The AMT 66 Fairlane/66 Comet is a good donor for the AMT 60/61 Ranchero kit, with some tweaking.

Revell 65/66 Chevy C10 chassis is a good fit for AMT/MPC 67-62 Chevy/GMC C10 kits.

Revell 56 Ford F-100 chassis and engine is good for AMT 60-62 Ford F-100 kits.

Lindberg 64 Dodge 330 provides an excellent slant 6 engine for any Mopar from 1959-2000 with appropriate tweaks as well as providing a good chassis for various early '60s Johan Mopar kits.

AMT 70 Dodge Superbee/68 Plymouth Road Runner kits, both regular and pro-street are good for other later '60s Mopars. The back half of the pro-street chassis can be used for any number of kits, as well as:

Revell 67 Chevelle pro-street; good for building pro-street GM cars (fits pretty good in Lindberg 67 Olds 442 and 67 GTO)

That's all I can think of right now; more will come to me!

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The AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street chassis works under the '67 GTO or the '65 GTO.It's the instrument panel that needs alteration.

I back halved a 67, going to do a 64. never thought of dropping the whole chassis under it..... sometimes I wonder....

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The chassis from the Revell Matt and Debbie Hay pro street Thunderbird will fit under an AMT '49 Ford, Revell '64 Fairlane and the AMT '56 Ford Crown Victoria.

The chassis from the Monogram Bob Glidden Pro Stock will fit under an AMT '66 Fairlane.

The chassis from the AMT '66 Nova pro street will fit under the AMT '72 Nova and the Trumpeter '65 Falcon. Should also work under Revell's '69. I've used the back half under a '66 Mustang and a '67 Camaro.

The chassis from the Revell '64 Fairlane will fit perfect under an AMT '61 Comet.

The chassis from the Monogram '66 Mustang will fit under a '61 Falcon.

The back half and front clip from the AMT '70 Super Bee pro street will fit under the AMT '71 Duster. The front clip isn't necessary if you don't use a Hemi with headers.

The '66 Fairlane/'67 Comet chassis will fit under the '61 Ranchero with a lot of work. I almost think the chassis from the Revell '64 Fairlane would be a better donor especially when it comes to the under hood core. I would try the '64 chassis first before I did any cutting. This chassis also fits the AMT '69 Torino Cobra like it was made for it. It omly needs some light trimming on the driveshaft tunnel.

The whole chassis from the Revell pro street '67 Chevelle will fit under an AMT '55 Chevrolet post top like it was made for it.

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The various Revell 69 Camaro chassis and engines are good replacements for the MPC 1969 Firebird.

One could theoretically use the AMT early-style USA-1 to make a monster truck out of any RCLB pickup.

The Lindberg Off-road 4x4 F-150 kit is a great source for BFG Mud-Terrain tires and the Mazda M5OD transmission for any 1988-2008 F-150 with a six cylinder or small V8 (5.0/4.6).

AMT/Revell 94 Mustang chassis and engine is a good update for MPC/AMT Fox body Mustangs.

Polar Lights Torino Talladega stock cars provide a much better chassis/engine/cage for the MPC/AMT 71 Cyclone stock car.

The Revell 77 (sic) GMC wrecker provides a great wrecker body (and if you're not too fussy, chassis) for just about any wrecker build.

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The Revell Dodge Dart is a great fit under the MPC/AMT/ERTL 68-69 Baracuda. Ditto the AMT Road Runner/GTX undersides for just about any mid-size mopar.

And now for something completely different! The Heller BMW Dixi slides under the old Revell parts pack Bantam roadster to make a stocker. The BMW Dixi is a license built Austin 7 which is what the American Austin and subsequent Bantam were.

The Fujimi Porsche Enthusiast series unibodies fit very nicely under most 935 kits for full detail versions. The engine from a Tamiya 956 is the correct motor for the Tamiya 935/78 if you are ambitious!

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Cut the molded inner fenders from AMT's '49 Merc, and you can use the chassis/floor from the chopped Revell kit with comparatively little fuss.

That '66 Nova pro street chassis will also work under Falcons, Comets, Rancheros, Fairlanes, and even a few AMC products, all you need to do is adapt a suitable front suspension, and the stock Nova parts are almost close enough to resemble the Ford parts in scale. Obviously you may need to do some trimming and shuffling of engine mounts, etc., but it's usually a pretty straightforward deal.

The supercharger and belt drive from the Revell '69 Corvette also fits the big block engines in their '67 Chevelle and '66 El Camino kits.

If you don't want a Chevy powered AMT '32 Ford, you can take that iffy SBC in the kit and convert it into an iffy (but convincing) Y-Block Ford with some appropriate valve covers and adding a tilted distributor.

Moebius and most Italeri soft vinyl Michelins will also fit right onto AMT's big rig kit wheels.

A few more when/if I remember them...

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Except for the kits allready mentioned the MPC/AMT '69 Olds chassis also works under the '70 Jo-Han Olds 442.

The AMT '68 Roadrunner/'69 GTX/'70 Coronet chassis works under the Jo-Han '69 Road Runner and '70 Superbird...and all other B and E-bodies in 1:25th scale with slight modifications.

The Lindberg '64 Dodge and Plymouth chassis works under the Jo-Han '62-'63 Plymouths and Dodges if you modify them slightly.

The AMT '60 Starliner chassis and floor pan works under the less detailed AMT '63½ and '64 Galaxies and Mercurys with some trimming.

The AMT '67 Mustang and Shelby chassis works under the less detailed AMT '68 Shelby and other Mustangs...and Falcons as the Mustang is related chassis wise to The Falcon...and the AMT '64 Mercury Comet Caliente as the Comet also are based on a modified Falcon chassis.

The '62-65 Fairlane doesn't share chassis with any other car so it's not correct under a '64 Comet Caliente but it works if you're not that picky.
The '66 Fairlane chassis looks to be very close to Torino so it might work as a donator.

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