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Hello Everyone!

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Hello MCM posters! My name is Eric, I'm 24 and now living in Anaheim, CA. Just wanted to stop in and give a little background on myself as well as share a little of my work that survived.

Where to start... Hmm. Born and raised in California, and spent a majority of my life on the West Coast. Military family, step-dad was a career Marine. Moved around quite a bit, but I always retained my hobbies wherever we were at the time. I spent a majority of my childhood and teen years building models, RC cars or all kinds, or just about anything i could fix or put together. Of course though, you grow up, move out and the finer things get set on the back burner. I spent the next 5 years basically making a mess of things, moving back and forth between 2 states, acquiring substance abuse issues... You name it. But, I've been clean and sober for a little over 2 years now and that's what has sorta brought me back here. With all this new found free time, I decided to rekindle my love of hobbies and give myself something constructive to do. So I've begun acquiring all the kits I managed to rush and ruin and a youngster to kickstart the process.

Here is what's left of a Tamiya 1/72 Corsair, which is the last kit i worked on in 2008 before going, "rogue". Never finished, just recently did a little final assembly to keep it as a display piece and a reminder.





I have already obtained the kit to redeem this build, so stay tuned for that!


But of course! CAR KITS!

This will be my first "On the bench" project.


Not a good kit, but destroyed one as a kid and with the recent passing of Paul Walker I felt it neccisary.


Sorry about the lengthly and semi-personal introduction. I hope to learn and share a lot here on this board.

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