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2014 Cannonball Run CBP

Nick Winter

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Slowly but Surely (?) the Charger Daytona is coming along. On the latest update on page 25 I sprayed some Spray Filler on the body. It showed that the body is actually looking pretty smooth, but there was still a minor problem with the nose. So I put Bondo on a larger area to the nose and sanded it smooth. Now I believe the body should be ready for the final Primer coat... Maybe. Hopefully. I also put the rear spoiler together after removing the ejector pin marks from the underside of those parts. It was a real pain to get right, but now it's pretty close. Next I must smooth the glue joints from that spoiler and then I can start the painting process with that part, too. It'll be flat black, just like the hood too.





Sorry the pics are not the best... It was dark and that's what my camera doesn't like at all.

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Looks like the Charger Daytona is progressing faster than ever before :lol: !

I painted the water pump silver as well as the bolts from that timing chain cover. I glued it on place, painted the distributor and started working with the spark plug wires. First I drilled nine holes to the distributor and then glued the wires on place. They are made out of Scale Dreams' wire and the spark plug boots are electric wire.

I still have to finish with those plug wires though. Also the front seats were painted and glued on place. Next step would be the seat belts.





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And yet another update, looks like I'm on a roll now :lol: !

I made the spark plug wires for the engine. Again, the spark plug boots on the heads are made out of the same electric wire as on the distributor. Those wires were quite easy to install and I'm pretty happy with the result. I also started the dashboard. Before I had smoothed out a couple of sink marks from it with putty and painted it with Revell's brown Enamel. The wooden part was painted so that I brushed a light and uneven coat of Humbrol Clear Orange over the brown paint and once that dried, I clear coated the wooden area. The gauges are painted with semi gloss black and the chrome rings were painted silver with a thin paint brush. It is not completed yet, there's a bit more detail painting to do and some cleanup also. It gives you an idea though how it will look.

I also wanted a wooden steering wheel ring on this thing. It was created with the same method. The steering wheel spokes need still minor black washing, but otherwise that should be ready to be glued on.






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Here are a couple of more pictures. I got the center console painted and clear coated and of course installed. Also the seat belts were made out of Scale Dreams' seat belt material and Model Car Garage's Photo Etch parts. The kit didn't have any pedals, and I thought that it might be a bit easier to drive if the car has pedals, so I scratchbuilt a simple set of them from metal wire and sheet styrene. They're very basic, but after all they can't be seen much from the finished model so I guess they'll do. A little cleanup and detail painting for the dashboard and some clear coat to the wooden steering wheel and I was able to glue them together. Next I will have to scratchbuild a shifter and then I can install the dash on place.





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I realize that there is only 2 month left, but would like to enter a build. I just picked up a revell '68 l88 thought this would be a good project for this. Have all the parts and a plan, so I should be able to pull this off. If it's too late to enter could someone let me know, if not I'll post pictures this weekend. Thanks

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Thanks for letting me know guys, car i'm planing on building revell 68 corvette. I've just mocked the ride height and c6 wheels. So this is where everything should sit. I'm going to use a ls engine. Not sure what kit it came from, maybe a c6 corvette. (nephew gave a box with a lot of used parts in it).


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Awesome progress on the Daytona Niko, looks very nice.

Thanks Jonathan!

After a short break, I have finished the interior of my '69 Dodge Charger Daytona. I started by scratchbuilding a shifter. I wanted something similar to B&M Pro Stick Shifter so I had to scratchbuild one from sheet styrene. Only problem was that my styrene got lost and finally after a couple of days' hard searching I found it from a strange place... I also had to modify the tachometer from the kit a little. Once it was ready for paint, I dropped that one too by mistake. Finally I found it in a pocket of my jeans... After painting it, I installed it on place and the wire is made out of Scale Dreams' spark plug wire.

The last thing to do was adding a V8 Magazine on the top of the center console. V8 Magazine is a Finnish American Car Magazine that was founded in 1978 and is still active today.





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Hey Cannonballers

Sign me up with a ´70 Chevelle from AMT. Beefy engine, some aftermarket wheels, a rollcage and a plain body with deleted fender trim and primer look. No show, all go.


I´m going to get started with the chassis................................now!!


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I´ve been busy with the chassis of the Chevelle. After figuring out the stance and how to attach the wheels, I have started painting the chassis with Tamiya semi-gloss black. The center pieces of the rims were painted with Tamiya TS-67 IJN grey. A layer of Tamiya smoke was added to darken the grey up and give the rims a glossy finish. Here´s a little mock-up.





Brake calipers will be added later...



Next steps will be preparing the crude body for the paintjob and fitting some scratchbuilt valve covers and a scratchbuilt intake manifold with a big carburetor to the engine block.

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