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...on my list of projects is accumulating, or building, a model of the major cars in my all-time favorite car movie, American Graffiti. I have acquired some (okay they are d** c**t but they are 1:25 scale). I scored a tough one recently, the Hendrix resin of a chopped '51 Merc to do the Pharaoh's '51 Merc. Yes, many folks think the Pharaoh's car is one of the ugliest sleds ever (I agree) but I gotta do it. The question is, what are the wheel covers and does any kit or caster have them available in 1:25?


They look sorta like 53-55 Olds but have that funky 'waffle-weave' or ventilated painted center. Anyone?


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The aftermarket "Olds Fiesta" hubcaps has that same pattern in the center, it's white though.
But I don't know if anyone does that exact hubcap in scale, the closest you can get is the more stock looking Olds Fiesta hubcaps and The Modelhaus amongst many others has them.

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The hub caps in David's picture are '56 Olds Fiestas. The earlier '53 thru '55 Fiestas had circular rings in back of the "spinner" with white painted rings in between. For '56 Oldsmobile made the back ground a little deeper and added the globe much like their hood or trunk emblem. To this day many after market '56 style caps are available but with a checkered pattern for 1:1 use. I don't think I've seen any of the early style hub caps in scale, but there is many sources for the '56 style.

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