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Michael Schumacher in a coma after a ski accident

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It really does not sound very good. Skiing is more dangerous then racing...

who would have thought? I used to snowboard a lot. It doesn't take much to hurt yourself. He was wearing a helmet, otherwise he'd likely be dead. I hope he recovers.

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The comment made by the 25 year friend of the family says it all. It all boils down to a quality of life after such a devastating accident like this occurs. So sad.

Observation in general, nothing particularly to do with this case. Not meaning to Hijack this thread, however it makes you think about "What if that happened to me?"

Sadly in many cases it is family who keep the person alive when they wouldn't want anything to do with the kind of life they will live without some sort of miracle whether it be faith based or medical. I for one wouldn't want that for myself, my family knows it too. That's why it's important to talk those things over with family ahead of time, if you can't talk it over with them put it in writing. A guy I knew when I was younger was accidentally shot in the head in a tragic hunting accident in his early twenties. He was never able to exist beyond a vegetative state, couldn't talk, you weren't sure if the lights were on and nobody was home. He lived like that for another 12 years, in my mind all because his mom was afraid to let him go. That to me was the saddest part of the whole accident.

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I agree with the quality life issues but 3/4 months post-accident is a little soon to give up all hope. I have heard rumors that the hospital wants to free up the critical care bed Schumacher is occupying for patients with greater needs.

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I have been a fan of his for a long time. That article broke my heart.

I don't mean to sound cold, but, they have finacial means to accomplish this. People have come out from comas before.

I think if I was in the famalies position I would do the same. Give it some time, try everything possible and see what happens.

I don't know how long I would want to drag it out though, for his sake.

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