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32 ford landspeed car > black paint is on !


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hey all ,

i started a new build now the 31 tudor only needs some small stuff to finish it

this time i took apart my previous build roadster , i never like the outcome and every time i saw it i got annoyed .. also the past 6 months i just grew a bit again and got new techniques and a bigger drive to get details spot on and stuff more correct so ... i just tore it apart :)

this was the build >


after some sanding and thinking of idea's i got the idea to give the front a radical face ..

like i googled and tryed to make something i never saw before.

the idea , somebody could have done this 4 real , looking slek and streamlined .. kind of trying to get like a 32 roadster looking fast while it sits still

so i took this bulky truck grille / front nose that already was a custom piece i ounce did and glued it on the hood

dont look at the tonneau cover thats gone , i probable will be making a custom shaped roof (solid roof)


the top of that truck piece was a peice of a hood i custom mmade on the grille and the shape looks so cool , the raised line matched the raised line on the ford hood and the shape where they meet was scary the same


after sawing i ended up with this .. only the top piece , also fitted a small scoop on the hood


test mock up where you see i cut half the frame off , and in the front tried a tube frame .. looks sweet and fits the race theme , i also have a back piece from tube , but in the end the whole chassis will become custom made out of several kit parts in the parts boxes


like this its weird looks like a bird beak hahahah


then i took the 32 ford grille and just cut it to pieces untill i had 2 parts that could be fitetd like this >

in the middle i will make a raised line like the one runnign over the middle of the hood and nose ..

the sides will be closed with beside the grille a section and removable panels where they normally would be ..

maybe some holes with open pipes sticking through



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thnx guys

these pictures will show the shape better now i filed and sanded some stuff

in the middle of teh grille i glues some yellow styrene rod and roughly shaped it , will get more shape later on



gutted the interiour the inside was scratchbuild but i made that tho thick back then


some wheel just for .. wheel base will be longer (front wheels move forward)


and maybe i need to change the title soon ... at least go like 32 hardtop .. and maybe erase the racer .. i already removed the hoodscoop and with such a shaped roof and low like that and maybe try to build a duval windsreen its looking more and more like a cool custom rod


hope to make some duval shaped window frames ... although i know this will be a challenge without buying materials ...



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great ! but still not an easy task to make from scratch with those curves .. will try something later on :)

added 2 styrene plates beside the grille , bend it in a round shape like the body

i will keep all the panellines i dont want it to be too smooth and modern looking


after more sanding and adding the panels its now become less pointy , in fact the shape now looks much rounder


need to sand the top of the hood its a bot raised from the rest


and this shows i really need to change from racer to custom rod , lines just scream hotrod and not racer


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Have you checked replicas miniatures company of maryland for the windshield frame?

hmm no i have not .. i have to be hounest i never bought any extra parts or ... i always try to make stuff but in this case it might be an option

i will have a look there thnx

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that is super and I totally admire your philosophy on buying parts vs making them. but still you should look through RMM's catalogue, that might be a bit more difficult to do than say though because as far as I know its not anywhere on the web and you have to contact Norm to get one sent.

now if you are used to making parts, maybe you could get something going with norm to share those parts with us through him using your parts as a master!


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thnx all !!

and william yes i already found out you cant just order it online .. and well for me usually its too much fuzz to order waight and get it shipped to holland .. i also dont have to have the window exactly like that maybe i will make a own version of it , or do something totally different :)

and about m,akinf stuff to be used as master i think my way of building isnt right for that stuff .. i often build stuff onto stuff and later worry about paint ... for that i would have to make a strong one piece part and thats something on its own ...

i always love seeing stuff like that and also seeing resin parts and aftermarket stuff .. but i never get the feeling to make or buy something i just sit down with lodas of parts boxes , no plan at all and just see where it ends .. works for me :)

and todd yes now that you mention it it does resemble a 36 indeed i even didnt thought about that and the funny part is its all by accident :) haha

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well did some more work to the 32

made some triangulair plates , closing the engine compartment was a bit boring , like i want a engine to be visible later on ..

but the square hole wasnt flowing with the rest of the round lines


made pannellines , choose to keep the new nose a one piece grille shell , hood is a loose panel and the triangle panels also are separate pieces , this way the panellines run through and that looked best





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well since the chassis and front suspension broke and i dont have any usable ford kit parts ...i needed to come up with something different

choosen to make a tubulair frame in the front , the rear part will be altered but i'm using the old chassis and floor because that fits great i can build up on this platform


mock up , just for idea's not on ride hight off-course lol


the best i can come up with is this ... then i would make holes in the side panel to run them through and i could make a custom steering rod .. still needs a lot of scratchwork to fit and ...




roof for shape idea .. off course its way too low but for ideas it is handy


i like the overal shapes unique and something i cant find online anywhere


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