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AMT 1932 Ford Roadster Center drive Drag car?

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Recently I saw a built 1932 Ford Roadster that was a center steer drag car. It had a nice tonneau cover over the drivers area except for where the driver would sit. When I asked my buddies at my local model club. They said it is a AMT kit and that the parts for this build are included in the kit. Sooo here is the question to all of you are much more knowledgable than I am. Which version(s) of the AMT 1932 Ford roadster kit has the parts needed to build the center steer drag race version? Hopefully it will be a verily recent kit. Don't want to break the bank.

Thank you in advance.

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The early issues had these parts. Funny thing is, I have about every version of this kit, and I could only find the tonneau in the candy-stripe box issues, the Ford dealer promo and the one with the red "highboy drag racing version" on the side. Replicas and Miniatures as well as P&P resin works have the parts youre looking for. I cant vouch for the R&M parts, but I have the P&P ones. The tonneau cover sorta fits. Then again, it sorta doesnt. Heres a pic of it.


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