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Revell/Renwal Ferrari 275gtb

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While I'm at it, has anyone attempted to build and detail this old kit? I've actually never seen one completed.

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This is even worse than the Renwal/Revell/Monogram Mercedes Gullwing. It is wrong and inaccurate in virtually every facet. Stay away. Compare the kit shown below (with aftermarket wheels) with the real car and proceed at your peril. This one makes Barbie cars and Palmer kits look like something by Gerald Wingrove. The Revell box art photo of a 1:1 275 is unlike anything inside the box, including the fact that there are no wire wheels -- only poorly-rendered Campagnolo alloy wheels. But this builder slapped big-bucks wire wheels on it, did a nice paint job, and sold it on eBay for $200.

The interior is klunky. At the left, you'll see a giant gap that that looks into the engine compartment.


The wheel radiuses are totally wrong, and the Kamm-style tail barely exists.


The windshield line and side windows are completely botched, and there's a strange square thing on the hood.


The nose droops


The grille is too low and the mesh is off-center


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I always thought that nose drooped to low...and those wheel openings are really screwy for sure. I was so hoping it could be salvaged, but I'll probably sell both kits after looking at this. One is totally original, the other has been primed, the wheels weathered, and some other detailing started. I just never got back to it because it seemed oddly proportioned.

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