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What do you use to mount headlight lenses and glass?

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Any tip for something to use for mounting the lenses for headlights that does not miscolor them or turn

them white? Is there any spesific sort of glue/cement intended for glass and clear parts? It`s like 50/50

for me as if i screw it up or it look good. And most types of glue i have experiencd so far tend to float

all over the place when it touch the plastic,no matter how small amount i try to add.

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I have used clear enamel to glue in headlight lenses. Dip a toothpick in clear enamel to pick up a drop and then run the toothpick around the headlight bezel where the lens will sit. Dried paint makes an excellent glue.

For kit glass I use a few drops of CA glue at the edges to hold it in place and then run a bead of Elmer's clear school glue around the rest of the glass.

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Formula 560 Canopy Glue by Pacer is the best and strongest. I tried the watch crystal glue and found it attacked the plastic. Canopy glue cleans off with a damp Q-tip or can be pealed off when dry. It was made for clear parts and drys crystal clear.


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Do a little research and I believe you'll find that Elmer's, Micro Krystal klear, Pacer Formula 560 and many others are all PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glues. They are water soluble wen wet, but dry to be water resistant. They also dry clear, and do NOT attack plastic like cement for styrene, or fog it like some CA glues do.

Trivia: Elmer's was originally a casein glue, made from milk proteins. That's why there's a picture of a cow on the bottle. Casein has been widely replaced by PVA for most applications.

Because PVA glues are NOT solvent based, you can remove them from non-porous materials after they are completely dry by gently, carefully peeling.

The downside to using them is that they have zero strength when wet, so parts need to be held in place while drying.

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