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Al Bergler's Aggravation A/C coupe build (Monogram Slingster)


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My build of the Bantam-bodied Aggravation A/C coupe is underway. I modified the kit body to appear a little more like the real car. I removed the drip rails, the filled in stock wheel arches, shortened the rear vertical body seams, scribed a rear horizontal seam, and drilled a hole for the push bar.



The frame was modified to have a cross member up front to hold an upright for the bar bell weights.


I detailed the kit engine. I am using Tamiya Clear Red over Tamiya Silver Leaf to represent Candy Red. I modified the kit headers to remove the web near the pipe exit and made Coors Beer cans to place over the open end of the exhaust headers (a common practice in the 60s and 70s while drag cars were in the pits). I added freeze plugs made from gold Mylar film, breathers to the valve covers, Arrowhead machined aluminum blower pulleys, Arrowhead cogged blower belt, and scratch build the oil filter housing on the right side and covered it with Bare Metal Foil chrome. I added a fuel pump to the front engine cover. I made the magneto from telescoping sections of K&S aluminum tubing and wired the spark plugs.




I am using Ma's Resin slicks and wheels since they are a little larger than the kit items. The kit items just look a little too small to me. I am using the kit front wheels and tires.



More pictures as I progress.

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Was able to get some work done on the model while watching Denver get spanked. Watching paint dry is boring.

Here is the painted but not completed chassis up on wheels and tires to check stance, levelness, etc. The bar bell weight stack is a resin item from Scale Auto Details.



Here are shots of the body. I forgot to mention that the lower "seam" on the rear of the body was missing from the kit body so I added stretched sprue to make the lower rear body reveal (see the pictures of the modified and kit bodies at the beginning of this post). Painted with two wet coats of Tamniya White Fine Surface Primer, two wet airbrushed coats of Tamiya Silver Leaf, and two wet coats of Tamiya Transparent Red. I dried the body in a food dehydrator for 24 hours, applied the decals from Scale Auto Details, and placed it back into the dehydrator for 12 hours before applying two wet coats of Dupli-Color clear (with a touch of 5 Star Acrylic Enamel hardner) and back into the dehydrator for 12 hours. A minor rub out will be required in a day or two. here is a hyper link to the Fotki site for Scale Auto Details.





More later when I get the sub-body finished and finish the chassis.

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