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I recently bought a couple of super nice resin-cast transmissions from B-N-L Resins ( A-727 TorqueFlite , and two TH 400's ) , and I now have a question or two regarding their assembly :

1.) Best adhesive ?

2.) Surface Prep ?

Should I roughen the mating surfaces ; give the surfaces a 'tooth' ?

I realise that conventional cold weld (e.g. , model cement) can't be utilised as an adhesive on resin ; is cyanoacrylate best ? 5 Minute Epoxy ? RTV Silicone ?

Thanks for your help !

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The resin will need to be cleaned real well. Some use weslys bleach white. I soak em in super clean. Resin will need superglue or epoxy as far as glues go. I just make sure the parts are flat/square. I don't worry about tooth.

What Paul said!!!! :)

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