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Ford LN8000 Fire Truck 80% Done

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If you're going for the 1970s look, try sewing elastic that you tint a light tan with Minwax Oak Stain. Here are a couple of shots of the hose bed I did for my American-LaFrance 1000 Series Pumper:



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This is a great looking truck.....I don't recall this model....Is this something you came up with or a complete kit....Regardless, I like it a lot.....I may have to try my hand at something like this.....Excellent work, my friend.....And you can use shoe laces, as well....They have all sorts of colors, and you can pick them up just about any where.....But the model looks good by itself, too....Great job....

And you just got a comment from the famed Tim Ahlborn.... :rolleyes:....Your on your way, Man....

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Brian, your pumper looks really good. The Trumpeter body makes for a decent short body pumper on any commercial chassis, that's why I used it with my Peterbilt pumper build. If you still need help with the hose load, my I suggest bias tape. You can get a lot for a little price at places like Walmart, plus they are pre-colored. Of course, I'm still laying in a load of folded electrical tape for LDH on my build and using dyed sewing elastic for the smaller diameter hose.

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That rig is well done! Nice kit bashing for sure. The hose load that Jim shows is one I've used for years. Sewing elastic comes in two sizes; 1/4" and 1/8". The former is good for 2-1/2" or 3" supply lines. The latter for smaller hand lines. You need to stain it first, though before installing it in the bed. I did a tutorial on the Scale Firehouse site on making hose loads in case you are interested. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

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