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69 Dodge Super Bee


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Ok, Here is the body and hood. They are not sanded or polished yet but will get to that soon. The green is not the right color but I think it is close.



Also I will try to post images of the engine tomorrow.

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Well I have been busy this week and didn't have much time to play with my model. I did get the engine most of the way done.



I am going to work on the chassis next I think. the Body has not been sanded or polished yet, I am waiting until I can afford to go to the local hobby shop to pick up a few things like BMF and flocking.

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Ok, I lost the wheels of my modle some how so went to look in another model I was digging in and didn't find then but found some silcke. I thought I would use them. I have only built straight from the box, never trying ant customization. I like the way the tires look but they don't seem to fit that well. How can I lift the rear end to make the tires fit better? I have already put the finish coat on the body and am not willing ( at this time) to alter the body.

I am aasentually a begenner at this, even though I have been building models for quite some time I am only now trying to move out of my comfort zone.

any tips on the above problem would be greatly apprecated. Here are some photos.




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Well I have done some more work. I have (most of the way) finished the chassie. The kit came with lift's so I added them It dosnt look that bad.



Here is the stance with the slicks.



I like it but thinking of lowering the front end a bit.

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