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Ferrari F40 and Porsche 911 GT2

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I started these two models a few months back, but ran out of paint and took a break from them. I wasn't originally going to do a workbench thread since I'm pretty new to this and it won't be that interesting, but I'm bored and planning to get back to them soon so I thought what the heck, why not. :D



As my second and third models I decided that I definitely had to have an F40 in my collection, and I also wanted to build another Porsche. The 993 GT2 was perfect.


Guts of the F40


I plan on painting the body of the F40 white. I think it'll contrast nice with the black wheels and red seats.


As you can see below both cars are basically in opposite stages of their build :lol:


I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I'll post better ones once I've started on them again.

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I always wanted to do a few like them. Seems I can't get away from the ol classic drag cars like pro an super stock, lol. Looking good, ill follow thread wanna see them finished. Take care

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So this week I bought some more paint and got back to work on the GT2.

I bought a bright red this time instead of Italian red, and re-sprayed all the body's parts, and cage.


It matches what I'm trying to replicate much better.





Finally get to start assembly! :D







The way the suspension is on this model creates A LOT of camber, and I find it quite funny that it shows in the instructions also :lol:



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Track car doesn't surprise me with the amount of camber. Cars look great.

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Nice job these,and i like you`re idea of an white F40,it will look good with the color combo wheels and seats.

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