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1956 Chrysler 300B


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Just completed this kit box stock and overall went together well. Cleaning mold lines was tiresome, but the fit of the interior parts and body/chassis mating was excellent, as was mounting of bumpers and other chrome parts :). Paint is Tamiya Forest Green metallic, which appears to be a close match for the Surf Green colour available in 1956. Interior is Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan. A good time was had by all - on to the pics....






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Beautiful Paul!! I still haven't picked up one of these kits even though I like the looks over the '55. I built a '55 maybe a year ago & that may have something to do with the fact that I haven't gotten the '56 yet. Almost exactly the same kit with a new body. I'd probably get bored doing another one so soon. I agree! the engineering on these Mobius kits is nothing short of a modern miracle. In over 40 years of building, I have never done a kit that went together as well as the '55! Very nice job on this one!! One tiny critisizm. The trim around the head lights should be chrome. :) Steve

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