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Need some tips on using decals

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I'm going to be applying the factory decals to Revell's stock 440 air filter housing, but I'd like some advice on a couple issues.


1) The 1:1 air cleaner housings seem to be flat black. How do you apply decals to flat black paint without getting "silvering" around the edges?

2) I'm thinking the decal's gonna have a tough time conforming to the inclines etc of the top of the air cleaner housing. What all do I need to make that happen? Decal-sol? Decal-set?

Any other clues you think might be helpful would be appreciated.

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Put Future under the decal. After its pressed down wipe of excess with ammonia or a damp q-tip. I know ammonia can strip chrome but it wont if wiped up quickly, you have to soak it awhile to strip it. The Future also helps glue the decal down. I have had to do this allot with rally car seats that are flat black but get decals like driver name etc. on the seat.

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You're right, that decal is a bear to get down. Micro Sol may work, I didn't have any to try. Micro Set wasn't enough. The advice I got on this forum is use a rag soaked in very hot water to push the decal down. That helped a lot, tho I still had a few wrinkles. If I did it again, I think I would cut out the center of the decal (where the wingnut is) before soaking the decal in water.


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