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FIRE FROG! Futuristic Off Road Racer. WIP Photos!


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Returning to the classics Ira!!!!

The first article that I really followed in the old model magazines was CM Moonscope 1 conversion.

That started me on a trend with me to today......


That's Funny Dave!

I bought another Moonscope for a second kitbash later... B)

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Here is the underside of the body, after a little sanding.


Then I applied Squadron White Putty and dried in a dehydrator for a while.


A little more Sanding and it is ready for the Screen.


More Coming... B)

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Wonderful Frog Photos, Thanks! This will be Fun to Paint... B)

Edited by Ira
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I'll be watching Ira! I grew up on your articles in Model Car Science! It's very nice to see you still building. Most of us "old guys" move on to other hobbies. I have moved on to the full size stuff but model cars are still a passion and I plan to get back into them.


Thanks for the kind words Mark!

I have always enjoyed many different types of modeling... B)

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Ira this looking great like all your other stuff.

Just wondering were you found that spatula for spreading the filler?

Please do not tell me you have had this for years. LOL It looks like an old foundry spatula a old friend has.

Thanks Andy!

I found the pallet knife at a an arts and crafts store... B)

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I found a Real Nice V-8 Engine in the Revell 2006 Mustang GT Kit.


The Engine looks great it is molded in 3 colors. I decided to paint the Engine over with Tamiya Silver Leaf and Model Masters Magnesium.


Here is the Engine glued together. I put one coat of Vallejo Paints Brass on the Valve Covers, one more coat should be enough. I was going to add Spark Plug Lines but I haven't found were all the lines go yet. Looks like the Spark Plugs go in the indentations in the tops of the Valve Covers, but I haven't found a Distributor or Spark Box yet...
Anyone know where the Spark Plug Lines Go?


More Coming... B)

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Hi Ira,

Yet again I am in awe watching your work come to life Sir, you truly are a master...

Thank you for sharing this with us...


You are Welcome Andy!

So glad you like it... B)

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