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Story Time with Drew : Rediscovering "creative" modeling Part 1

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Hello World, my name is Drew.

I have always had a major passion for cars, and sports in that order.

Making model basketballs isn't that exciting when you have the real thing, plus its just an orange ball.

Rediscovering my faith in model making

I'm in my mid 20's, and have only started a few models in my life time

Firebird "Thumper II" finished (lost)

68 Roadrunner unfinished (lost)

Edsel pacer finished (lost)

68' shelby gt 500 unfinished (lost)

Ferrari enzo unfinished (lost)

67' mustang gt fastback unfinished rough

88' Rx7 savanna FC unfinished rough

I finished the firebird when i was about 11yrs old. As soon as I finished, my Dad decided to buy one of my choice. I picked the roadrunner. Halfway through the RR build, my dad brings out his unfinished, vintage, AMT 68' Shelby. I can still smell that old dusty cardboard box. "Son if you do a good job on your cars, I'll let you build this one for me."

The next week, I find the Edsel laying on my bed. "SWEET!!, time for a new build"

Having finished the Edsel in record time, I got bored. Hello Roadrunner, time to get creative.

At that time, I never really seen a RR, just pictures of the front and rear, and thought I should make a wheelie bar for it just without the wheels, but i quickly became unsatisfied with it. So when I saw a the hood I immediately thought hood scoop, but this was before most people had internet. I just took my knife and dug in. Made a square hole and glued down some cardboard. I was so happy I didn't even paint it.

I showed my Dad he said "Good, now finish the Shelby for me" :D

He already had the motor together, interior painted, all I had to do was glue it all down and paint the body. I was so excited and nervous. I might as well have been the real thing. I paid attention to every little detail. I knew that car better than a surgeon knows his scalpel.

Guess what happened next. The real world kicked into high gear and we had to move. We lost everything to storage, paints tools unopened models. Things got tough, Dad had to work more. Needless to say I became very discouraged, and that's when time started flying by. No I didn't feel worthless or anything, I just lacked the passion to build.

This is part A please filp over to side B to continue listening

Stay tuned should have part 2 up this week, thanks for reading

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WELCOME to the forum Drew!! :)

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Hey Andrew welcome

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great storey and a half

good to have you here


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Welcome aboard ....

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Drew, welcome to the forum. Great story too.

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Thank you everyone, I feel very welcomed.

I don't have original pics, but to give everyone an Idea of the models I was working on here are a few photos I found online

Dads Shelby


Thumper II



Roadrunner, Cardboad hood



Edsel Pacer


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Welcome back to my road of "creative" model making

We left off in a rough part of my life, but no worries things pick up.

Around this time I was entering High School, so mentally I was more focused on girls, sports, and always having a great time with my friends.

I never lost my passion for cars, and always went with friends to go ride quads and go four wheeling.



I met a girl.

I decided to become more artistic and start drawing for this girl.

I always tried to draw cars and roses. cars for me and roses for her.

Finally I graduated, went on a trip to Laguna Seca Raceway in cali. to work for the moto GP race.

a few months later I got a job, and started saving for a car and motorcycle.

My first car was a '87 BMW 325e


(to this day I haven't purchased a bike)

My dad finally got some lighter hours and we started going back to the local hobby shop

We started getting into RC planes and cars, I couldn't help but notice all the model cars

I finally made an effort to get back into modeling

I have always stuck by muscle cars, but I wanted something new,

something that said I finally have a job



What did I get myself into. so many parts.

Still never checked internet, and only a few glances at models in mags I just went full force into it

I wasn't ready to get creative yet, all i had was paint, glue and scissors. decided to keep it simple and not get creative

Around this time I started get more into video games, racing games of course.

I was intrigued at all the customization in these games, so the ferrari sat in the closet and I got more in tune with cars

got into the street racing scene on the side

Life happened again lost the car and the girl lol

my bmw was fine and so were the video games

so we'll skip a few years

I reconnected with an old friend Alex

got more into the tuner/drift/rally scene all do to customization.

Had plans to build up the bmw as a daily rally/drift car, drop a 5.0 mustang motor in.

Life happenings forced me to give up the plans and be happy with what i had

I ended up purchasing a rusty old 240z which i liked to call the rotty Dauty

created plans to turn this into a drift car


I would always convince Alex to go to the hobby shop with me,re-living the past and look at model cars,

Alex being the good friend he is said he didn't posses the patience for models

He proceeded to lure me into his shed, handing me a tool box and car.

"Don't spend any money yet, here is a project for you"


Well I guess that's enough for now. Hopefully will have the final piece on here by the weekend

Thank you guys for reading

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Welcome aboard, Drew. You should definitely look into the Blog each member can have, found under your Profile tab. ;)

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So it's been a little bit.

I've checked into the blog section and it's not working at the moment

So I'm back to continue my little book.

Chapter 3

So my buddy Alex hands me this car, not only am I excited with a free model and tools to use, it's a mustang. I'm a HUGE mustang fan.

I got after that thing like a mad scientist with a box full of hamsters.

I built the car without painting the body in just a few days took me a week to come up with a body color and then hand painted everything.



then I decided I should try a roll cage


With an interest in import cars and a decent tax return I felt like i should pick up a car that I would love to shoe horn a v8 into.

After going to a few local model shops with stupidly high prices for models (above $20), I found the perfect car.

a late 80's rx7


Unfortunately this car sat for close to a full year before I got to it. started off painting the little parts, until one day I figured i should start throwing things together.

Fast forward to summer of 2013, I decided on making the one thing I think most cars should have as an option, a roll cage.

Using nothing but the parts trees. Didn' really care to measure or do things by the book. Just cut and paste till I got it looking decent with believable mounting points. I even cut out the door to make room for my fingers lol.





Next time hopefully I will get the story up to present day.

Thank you for reading

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