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This is a Revell "Fat Fendered " kit Built to look like a guys real car....I normally don't do this. But my friend ask me to build a replica of his car. In the back ground you can see pictures of the real car. One pic shows the back of the car, one a shot after the Hot Rod was first built...Then Jim decided to Give it a "Shave and a Hair Cut". He removed the bumpers, did a mod. on the tail lights, he also added a brake light....The kit came with a small block so I had to go to the "Junk Box" I found a 302 and rear ford rear end and leaf springs....Over time I found wheels tires, and lots of other parts to built a reasonable look a like. The real car is "Valley Ford Red" and "Dark Cherry".....I could not find exact matches....So I did my best .....Jim has not come to pick up his car. I will give a update.post-13502-0-49102900-1394459627_thumb.jpost-13502-0-77344300-1394459736_thumb.jpost-13502-0-22611000-1394459746_thumb.jpost-13502-0-47412100-1394459755_thumb.jpost-13502-0-77144800-1394459764_thumb.jpost-13502-0-31520200-1394459774_thumb.jpost-13502-0-55036400-1394459783_thumb.jpost-13502-0-32236900-1394459792_thumb.jpost-13502-0-23802700-1394459809_thumb.jpost-13502-0-08729000-1394459801_thumb.j

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