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My attempt at an AMT 66 Nova


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This one gave me fits only my 2nd build ever please let me know what you think good or bad so I can learn and get better. This is my first under glass.

Thanks to those who gave tips, encouragement and advice along the way.


My collection of builds. lol

P.S. Still need to make some mufflers and finish sanding the rear tires but I'm calling it done for now.













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Thanks for all your comments guys I really appreciate them.

I did start to BMF the vent windows but when I did it looked out of scale, like the vent posts are to big I will search on here to see if I can find some others done and see how they look.

MrObsessive thanks for all the teaching you do with your builds they help a lot.

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Great job Bob! You do better work than I do! There's a guy who has a product called 'The Detailer' it's a water based wash that comes in different colors, it's pretty easy to use and looks great. There's also a product called/made by (?) MIG that's an enamel based wash that some people use with great success. Your car looks great. I admire your tenacity in sticking with what at times was a difficult build. Congradulations!

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Thanks for all the kind words guys I'm trying, the great thing about this place is there are so many people who are willing to help with advice and by teaching in their builds it really helps us new guys.

Thanks again to all those who gave advice and encouragement through out this build


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