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Just finished. The body and rear tires are from Speed City Resin. Decals from Whoopie Kat Decals. 392 Hemi is from the Revell Miss Deal kit. Front suspension and seat from "Parts Box" resin. Scratch built roll bar and steering mechanism. Wheels, front tires, fuel tank and everything else is from my parts box.








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That is awesome,great work and nice job on the added detail's I would love to know more about the build,such as chassis origin's any thing you don't mind sharing,I plan to do a build like this some day just with different paint scheme.

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Thank you. The chassis, blower hat ,engine cover and direct drive come from Speed City Resin when you purchase the body. The engine is a 392 hemi from the Revell Miss Deal kit. The rear suspension and wheels are from a Polar Lights funny car kit. As mentioned above, the front straight axle, torsion bars and seat are from Parts Box Resin out of Australia. The Blower and drag chute are from Calnaga resin. All other goodies are from my parts box.


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