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AMT 58' Edsel Pacer/Stock

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Howdy all,,hope your getting some warmer weather wherever your at! I was going thru some inventory in storage here,,and ran across this OOB bx AMT 58' Edsel pacer,,its about 10 yrs old or older,,not sure,,Ive had it a awhile. But a great build as far as the kit going together well,,no probs. Gobs of BMF on this one,,whew!,,took awhile to do. But I like the kit overall,,Cheers! IMG_3124_zps1e1192c9.jpgIMG_3127_zps246a3814.jpgIMG_3130_zps0cabadb9.jpgIMG_3134_zpsb1fa0a0d.jpg

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That's a very pretty build! I don't recall whether I have the Edsel in my stash or not but I wonder about using some of the old AMT '57 Ford parts on it as far as suspension goes? I also wonder about using the Fairlane as a sort of guide for opening the doors on the Edsel? I am not in the least critiquing your build, but I think that were I ever to build the Edsel, I'd forgo the hood ornament as it looks as if it's 'way out of scale. Having said that, I like your choice of colours and the work that you put into building this car is evident based on the quality of the build. That Edsel would be pretty in a convertible body style, wouldn't it? I think that it Popular mechanics or Mechani'cs Illustrated that had a very striking turquoise and white convertible on the cover back then.. WOW!!!

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