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Carburetor linkage Springs

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Might anyone have a line on who might sell 1/25th scale carburetor linkage springs? Do not want to make my own. You guys are always great with requests like this. Thanks in advance.

Jim Polli

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They also come free with the purchase of an old style light bulb! (We used to use light bulb filaments from burned out bulbs for smaller springs in the good old days) Too stiff and brittle to use with a working linkage, but okay for the day in static applications.

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As Gabriel says, these are very easy to make yourself and the cost is close to nothing per spring.

One thing to keep in mind is that springs for carb linkages mostly are pull style tension springs wich are designed to resist stretch, and not push style compression springs wich are desinged to resist being compressed.

Both types are coil/helical springs but does different jobs due to how they are designed, the biggest difference is that the tension springs are close coiled and the compression springs are open coiled.

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Yes! Carburetor springs are not hard to do at all! I like to use coax cable wire for my springs as to me they look the most in scale diameter wise, and you can get a lifetime supply of wire from two feet of cable.

Depending on the scale you're working on, simply start wrapping the wire around a drill bit (diameter is up to you depending on scale), and wind it around to the length of your choice. As Håkan mentioned, these are tension springs, so when you've wrapped enough wire according to length, simply push the wire together to eliminate any spaces.




Leave a bit of length on each end, bend carefully to "hook" into the linkages, and there you have it. This is great for a static display where things don't need to move. For something that needs to move, you may want to check out a well stocked train shop as they carry tension springs that would be just the right scale for 1/24-1/25.

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I agree with making your own...even though you stated you didn't want to.

Throttle return springs are pretty small in real life, and a lot of 1//25 scale replicated versions look like large garage door lift springs. Also it is more comon that the springs have a straight section of each end, and getting that from a pre-made spring is difficult.

Here is a larger diameter spring, but it's probably only 4" or so long (or 4mm in 1/25):


Here is one on a 1/24 scale model:


It's a cool detail to add, but I would make sure it doesn't detract from your model by being too large or looks like a spring glued to the side of a carburetor.

I make mine with fine guage wire. Just wrap tightly around a small pin, slide off, and bend the ends to replicate your paritcular use. Also, making a place for the spring to attach looks better than a spring just glued to the manifold.

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