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Srt ram ext cab long bed

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So I started this build awhile ago and got discouraged because it wasnt as realistic as i wanted. I finally decided to pick it back up and just finish it and chock it up as a learning experience. This was my first fabricated frame truck so hopefully i can learn for when i build my prostreet little red express. Let me know what u think. As of right now im 4 linking the rear for a bag on bar set up. Also it will be getting a functioning audio system with a custom made box




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This looks like a really cool project. I like anything low bagged or juiced. Those wheels look similar to the ones from a die cast I am using on a Silverado.

Excuse my ignorance but, where did you find the longbed for this truck? i recall the SRT kit having a short bed.

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This is actually two kits the front half of the cab and hood are the vts ram model kit. The back half you see in black is from a ram 2500 snap together kit . I was going to use the short bed from the white kit but liked the look of the long bed

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