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SS/RS ; ZL-1 ; L72 ?

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I have yet another question regarding the 1969 COPO ZL-1 Camaro from Revell .

I recognise that this kit has de facto SS/RS grille / headlamp doors , as well as RS tail lamps ; however , it is "missing" the RS's back-up lamps .

I also have noticed that there's a set of clear , square 'lamps' on the "glass" tree ; are those the RS's back-up lamps ? If so , how would one go about adding them to this COPO ZL-1 Camaro kit ?

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I would use 5 Minute E-Poxy. It is very sticky and will allow a few minutes of adjustment time.

Thanks for the great tip !

Just an fyi there was only 1 RS-ZL-1 and it had a vinyl roof and button hub caps.

The history of the ZL-1 is so interesting . From what I understand , Fred Gibb was able to "off-load" part of his inventory vis-a-vis selling some of them to other dealerships , with GM taking some back from him , at a loss to Gibb.

What I'm planning to do with my kit is to make it a 'phantom' of sorts ; ZL-1 engine , TH 400 trans (column-shift) , Rallye Sport grille , tail lights and back-up lamps , and Motor Wheels Spyder wheels with Round2's Good Year Blue Streak slicks (rear, obviously) and "what-ever" front tyres . Basically , a Modified Production type car , complete with the Chambered Exhaust .

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The VIN really would not give you much on options, other than body style and if it was a 6 or 8 cylinder car, as well as which plant built it (most, if not all, of the COPO Camaros were built at the Norwood OH. plant). However, there is a plate on the car that does list things like trim, engine, and transmission. In the case of the ZL-1s (and pretty much all of the COPO cars), GM did keep records of them.

This sits is where I found the specifics as to which car has what options, it also includes the sequential build number part of the VIN for each car.http://www.camaros.org/9560list.shtml

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