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Old Build (thought was already here)

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Hey all, I had thought that I had posted pics of this truck, but I can't find it anywhere in my content....so, I'll just have to start from scratch. This was from the contest that some of you have read about that I was doing- "Top the Cop". but unfortunately my program has been put on hiatus due to a change in the logistics of my position for the campuses they have me cover. This was the latest one we ran. Was approx. 2.5 yrs ago, I think.

The truck is Revell W900. I have filled in the slots in the back for the interior mounts and the side slots for cab mounting. Cut off the blinkers from the headlights and put them on the fenders. And I built a visor for it. The color is an homage to the state I grew up in. (New Mexico) Turquoise base with the yellow and red from the flag colors.






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That's a good looking truck.....Glad you posted it for us, Man.....Very nice work on the paint scheme.....Man, that looks good.....Flows real nice.....If you get good tires out of the box, those models really look good.....

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I appreciate the comments. If I didn't have the master bath in full redo, I'd work on some of my other stuff as well. It feels good to get some pics out there. I should probably get some of my WIP's posted or updated as well. I tend to get behind on those posts. Thanks again for the comments.

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