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Fast Five 72' Skyline Paul Walker tribute New pics 05-01-14


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Here is a tribute car made to honor the late Paul Walker. It's a 72' Skyline drivin by him during Fast Five. It may not be the best known car but it's one I really liked as soon as I saw it. This was also made for the Fast and Furious tribute build over in the community builds section.






Ride in Peace Paul Walker, this one's for you.

Thanks for looking everyone!

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Some more pics

Funny story with the radiator hose, I ended up forgeting to put the radiator in when I should have and didn't notice until I started taking pictures. So I took the car back inside put the radiator in and ended up dropping the hose in the engine bay. :rolleyes: I ended up shaking the car for several minutes trying to get it out but had no luck. . . So the radiator hose is in car, it's just not in the right place lol. :P






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Thank you Tommy and Felix.

Very Nice build you have done here. I picked up one of these kits to build it like this one of these days. Was this the Tamiya kit??

Thanks Chris, Yep this is the kit box, very easy to build lots of parts and everything went together with little to no modifying. Made for a very fun build.


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